Browser Comparison: What is unique to each browser?

Each browser has some features that you can’t find it in others. Here is a list of such features I like most.

  • Vivaldi
    In-built Mail, calendar and Pomodoro timer. And recently a completely customizable UI (just like Opera Presto used to be)
  • Opera
    Workspaces let you organize tabs into separate windows accessible with a click. More useful than sessions or saved windows in other browsers
    Easy Files can be quite helpful if you’re going to download and upload files.
    Handy quick search text with a double click.
    Opera bookmarks can be accessed from any browser by logging into your account
  • Firefox
    Favicon-showing shortcuts of frequent sites on new tab page, that are more eye-friendly and quicker than “Speed Dial” thumbnails of other browsers. That’s a pity they can’t be sorted into folders.
    Taggable Bookmarks. You can also drag bookmark toolbar items to the main toolbar and this helps saving space and access smart folders like “Tags”, “Most visited” or “recently added” bookmarks
    Read mode can read with an artificial voice
  • Edge
    The immerse reader lets you focus on the text line by line and reads it with a natural voice
  • Chrome
    the only browser that works perfectly (due to Google’s limitations) with Google Keep and lets you collect text snippets into one note while reading an article


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